Monday, March 29, 2021



Feel of cool breeze in the summer heat, 
Being with them is such a treat. 
They know what you want, they know what you need, 
You are the book that they read. 
Never did they burden us with their dreams, 
They only focused on making us good human beings, 
We learnt to adjust, we learnt to give, we learnt to love, 
We learnt to live and let live. 

They were there when we cried for the first time, 
They sang with us, they played with us, 
They dressed us well, they fed us better, 
He would show faith, 
In every step we take, 
When we fell, we were lovingly held,
I know freedom because of them, 
I know courage because of them,
They have been my pillar of strength. 

There were times when we could barely make ends meet, 
They still taught us to help those in need, 
There were times when our future was at stake,
She stood like a wall that no one could break,
They stood by me in thick and thin
They supported me in all my deeds,

They backed us even when we were against the norm,
Going against the general beliefs,
Girls could do everything; that's what he made us believe.
They made us independent, 
They made us strong, 
They only focused on making us good human beings, 
My Parents are gems absolutely unique. 

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