Thursday, November 7, 2019

Hug A Tree

Take your turn and hug a tree.
Make a wish for all to see,
Plant your tree, for you to breathe,
Be citizens of EARTH as I say,
Go find yourself a tree to hug today,
This is how the world came by,
We have to save it, lets all try.

Surrounded by Technology, forgetting mother nature, isn't that strange.
Let's bring the change, let's be the change,
Let's list our priorities and re-arrange
If we want life, we have to strive,
Go hug a tree, to be alive,
Go Plant a tree, if you want to survive.

Oh! stop running the race, slowdown
Take stock of what you have created around,
The Earth is shattered, the Mountains are tattered,
Our forests are burning, the rivers are dying, 
It's not about the future, our present is crying.

Get up! Take your turn and hug a tree,
Let's be the change we want to see,
Let's do our bit and plant our TREES


  1. Wow so good poet indeed, I can feel the pain as well as I live in same atmosphere